Wednesday, December 2, 2020

What are we up to in 2nd grade?

 2nd graders have been super busy with all sorts of fun learning!  Here's what we're up to....

In MATH...

we're learning more about place value and how to use what we know to add and subtract efficiently!  We're solving story problems, showing our thinking, and getting stronger with our math facts through 20!  Telling time and understanding money are also part of our learning, and we're happy to be getting stronger in that stuff, too!


we're learning more about how to talk about stories - retell important parts of stories - AND describe character TRAITS!  We are even getting better at giving EVIDENCE to support our thinking and CLAIMS!  Wow!


 we're embracing a new genre - POETRY!  Students are reading and writing poetry in class, and then sharing it with classmates!  Our Acrostic poetry is fantastic and our Haikus are coming along, too!  There's so much excitement to find just the right words and phrases to grow our ideas!!!!  So much fun!


we're diving into the world of MATTER!  What is mattter and what do we mean when we talk about states of and properties of matter?  This study has taken us outside to look for kinds of matter and develop vocabulary to describe it!  We look forward to this December study - and getting outside to build concepts of solids, liquids, and gases.... in the beautiful VT wintery weather!

Here's some pics of some of our "kick off" activities as we went into the outdoor classrooms and looked around for some solids, liquids, and gases!  There were some pretty great observations to get us started, and what a beautiful day!  

Monday, October 26, 2020

Curriculum Updates

 Curriculum Updates:

Math - students are learning their addition math combinations, and working hard to master computational fluency.  Second Graders are expected to know their addition math facts to (sum of) 20 by the end of the school year.  

Writing - students are writing “Small Moment Stories” in class.  They are using story structure to tell true stories from their lives with detail, in order, and with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  They are also working on their penmanship regularly, as well as “Trick Words”.

Reading - students have been choosing “Just Right Books”, practicing reading fluency, and reading comprehension.  Our newest learning has involved writing “Stop and Jots” in their story books.  They are recording their thoughts, reactions, feelings, questions, etc. about what they are reading - in order to be able to talk about their books with others.  This work is very exciting for 2nd Graders! 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Recess Fairy Houses......

 Here's another one!  What a fun way to spend our outdoor time!

Playing Math Games Together!

Playing Math Games may look a little different this year, but it sure still is fun!  This week we played some dice games together to work on our DOUBLES addition facts!  Kids did a wonderful job with this, and we look forward to more opportunities to play games together!  We're so proud of the kids' flexibility and approach to some new ways to work together.  It's really impressive!


Dress Like a Book Character Day was GREAT!

Enjoy some images of 2nd Graders getting into the spirit of Book Character Day!!!!  They really are "characters"!!!! haha!


Our ART Teacher!!!!

 Mr. Van Allen brought another special ART CLASS to our room this week!  We learned how to make fun little booklets just by folding a piece of paper!  We're very excited to use this learning in all kinds of creative ways!  Thanks, Mr. Van Allen!  We're lucky to have you at RES!

The Kissing Hand

 What a beautiful story!  We read "The Kissing Hand" this week as we worked on reading comprehension AND identifying the author's message...... Here's one student's idea about something close to her heart......  please be sure to ask your child about this story..... very sweet and powerful. :)

What are we up to in 2nd grade?

 2nd graders have been super busy with all sorts of fun learning!  Here's what we're up to.... In MATH... we're learning more ab...